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3.5 Inch Speakers

3.5 inch coaxial speakers are small round speakers typically with a tweeter and mid-bass and/or other speaker. Compact speakers such as these are commonly utilized in smaller sound applications in vehicles with minimal interior room.
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3.5 inch car speakers

Often, 3.5 inch car speakers are used in the top of dash and rear deck lids as either a primary or center channel speaker or for sound staging. One of the advantages to this type of speaker is that due to its smaller size, it is easier to point or reflect off of the windshield for more effective staging. While some 3.5 inch car speakers are used in full-range applications, the higher end units feature a built-in tweeter that can separate the highs from the middle range tones. This woofer will be limited in its ability to produce low bass. For this reason it is high recommended to add a subwoofer and crossover to prevent damage to these small speakers.

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