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6.5 Inch Speakers

6.5 inch coaxial speakers look great in sports cars, compact cars, luxury midsize sedans and crossover CUVs. 6.5 inch coaxial speakers can go up to 300 watts maximum power.
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6.5 inch car speakers

6-1/2 inch car speakers are full-range speakers that are simple to mount and are the most common speaker size found in automobiles. With a coaxial speaker system, the woofer reproduces the low frequency sounds and the tweeter has the duty to reproduce the higher frequencies. 6.5 inch car speakers are typically made with firm materials such as synthetic films, with polypropylene being commonly used to for added longevity. 6-1/2 inch speakers system will offer much fuller mid-bass and have the potential to produce some deep bass. We do recommend adding a subwoofer to reinforce the bass but it is not mandatory.

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