5.25 Inch Speakers

These 5.25 inch coaxial speakers are great for small cars. A lot are made of die cast aluminum frame, black stamped steel basket and painted with cool metallic colors. 5.25 inch coaxial speakers are circular loudspeakers with a multi-way woofer and dome tweeter typically made of durable poly fibers The 5.25 coaxial is most popular on vehicles with OEM specifications.
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5.25 inch car speakers

5.25 inch car speakers are full-range speakers that are simple to mount. With a coaxial speaker system, the woofer reproduces the low frequency sounds and the tweeter has the duty to reproduce the higher frequencies. Effective 5.25 inch car speakers are typically made with firm materials such as synthetic films, with polypropylene being commonly used to for added longevity. 5-1/4 inch speakers system will be limited in the ability to produce large amount of mid-bass and deep bass. Usually most sound systems will need to be reinforced with a subwoofer to get deep bass.

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