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5.25 Inch Component Speakers

Generally, the 5.25 inch component systems have a cone woofer, dome tweeter, crossover network and adapter. 5.25 inch component systems have a multi-fit speaker system design.
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5.25 inch car component speakers

Car component speakers are an excellent way to deliver solid audio performance in a compact package. Component speaker provide better sound quality due to the optimization of each component and the mounting location. With component speakers, you have two woofers, two crossovers, and two tweeters. Having separate components allows you to mount the woofer and tweeter in the optimal location such as factory door sail panels. The crossovers are designed to isolate either the lower or higher frequencies and direct those to the proper speaker and by doing so it provides a much more even sound. Component speakers provide a better soundstage and frequency response compared to the coaxial type speakers.

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