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6x8 Inch Speakers

Large SUVs and trucks are a great place to install these 6x8 inch coaxial speakers. The cones of the 6x8 inch coaxial speakers have an irregular surface that diffuses vibrations and in turn produce rich quality sound.
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6 x 8 inch car speakers

6x8 inch car speakers are a common speaker size in most domestic vehicles. The larger oval cone facilitates more intense bass response, the sound quality of an aftermarket speaker is superior to that of many that vehicles come equipped with. 6x8 inch speakers are commonly found as a two-way, three-way, four-way and even a five way design. The presence of tweeters within 6x9 inch car speakers enables a significantly better sound, as most factory speakers do not have a tweeter. You can improve the sound of your vehicle without adding an amplifier.

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