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Tune your car stereo system to suit your needs or correct your vehicles natural acoustic problems with an equalizer also known as an EQ. Adjust individual bands or range of bands with a parametric equalizer and tailor your systems frequency response to your ears.

Equalizers are multi-channel sound enhancement devices, designed to input sound outputted from audio sources such as receivers; and seamlessly filter/bypass and send (return) that audio source (output) to the same or other audio peripherals.

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    POWER ACOUSTIK BASS-12C with parametric bass control
    100 % of 100
    • This acoustic is quick to use, and its quality music will cheer up your mood instantly.
    • Freq resp: 10Hz–100kHz
    • 13.5V output level
    • 132dB signal-to-noise ratio
    • 60dB balanced input noise rejection
    • .002% THD
    • Maximum bass control
    • Dash-mount remote
    • PFM subsonic filter & bass level control
    • Illuminated logo plate
    • Bass restoration lighted display
    • Parametric bass control
    • Balanced inputs
    • PWM high headroom power supply
    • Chrome finish
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