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Beuler BU510TD 12 VDC Automotive 5-Pin SPDT Time Delay Relay with adjustable timing - Delay On

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Key Features

  • Standard automotive style relay
  • Adjustable time delay on with 1 seconds to 1 minutes timer with internal potentiometer
  • 20 amp / 30 amp rated contacts
  • SPDT - Single pole Dual throw
  • Low 1volt (1k Ohm) trigger voltage
Unit includes: 12 volt time delay relay

Beuler BU510TD 12 VDC Automotive 5-Pin SPST Time Delay Relay with adjustable timing

The Beuler BU5010TD is an updated version to the very cool Beuler BU508TD time delay relay. Have you ever wanted to have something turn on with a delay after a button is pushed? The BU510TD relay is just the relay for you. This relay is a time delay relay with adjustable timings allowing you to control any device. This relay is perfect for a variety of things such as secret compartments, safes, extended remote turn. It utilizes popular Bosch style connections and is frequently used in automotive sound and security installations. It easily switches 30 amps of current and peaks of 30 amps with minimal draw on the coil of 120 milliamps @ 12Vdc. Single Pole, Dual throw for flexible installations and multiple uses.

  • Standard automotive style relay
  • No mounting tab
  • Delay On Version
  • Requires the application of power for the relay to wait to latch (Requires the removal of 12 volts on the coil to reset timer, with constant 12 volts relay is un-latched like an ordinary 5-pin relay)
  • Low 1volt (1k Ohm) trigger voltage
  • Adjustable time latching from 1 seconds to 1 minute with internal potentiometer, the time delay extends or delays the activation of the relay
  • Built in diode to stop timer feedback issues
  • Momentary pulse to trigger latching
  • Internal green LED to indicate status
  • Non-removable cap
  • 20 amp / 30 amp rated contacts
  • SPDT - Single pole Dual throw
  • 12 Vdc rated coil with minimum 8 volt to trigger
  • Power consumption @ 12Vdc 120 mA
  • Idle current draw .002 mA
  • Conventional 87, 87a, 30, 86, and 85 pin locations
  • SPDT Change Over NC/NO (form C)
  • Compatible with most insulated and non insulated terminals and relay sockets
  • Dimensions 1-1/4" (W) x 1-1/4" (D) x 2" (H) with terminals
    Pin configuration:
  • Pin 30 - Must have constant or accessory 12 volts all-time, as this is what powers the circuit on the relay
  • Pin 85 - Ground
  • Pin 86 - Constant (+12 volts) to trigger time delay on (Requires the removal of +12 volts to reset the timer)
  • Pin 87a - +12 volt output (Normally closed contact - on except when time delay is active)
  • Pin 87 - +12 volt output (Normally open contact - on for duration of set time)
  • Low voltage trigger: input will trigger with as little as 1 volt (Constant or pulsed)
  • Momentary pulse to timed latch: use a momentary switch to trigger for a short duration (up to 3 minutes)
  • Voltage inverter: temporarily reverse the polarity to a drain (requires additional relays
    How the unit functions
  • Momentary pulse: 12 volt positive momentary pulse connected to Pin 86, once pulse goes to zero the relay will trigger for preset timing
  • Constant input: 12 volt positive constant connected to Pin 86, once constant goes goes to zero the relay will trigger for preset timing
More Information
Manufacturer Beuler
Part Number BU510TD
Operation Voltage 8-15 Volt DC
Relay type Time delay relay
Current capacity 20 Amp / 30 Amp
Pole switching type SPDT (Single pole Dual throw)
Tab type No Tab
Waterproof ingress protection None
Warranty 1 Year
Return period 30 days
Exchange period 30 days
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Customer Questions
What size are the quick connect terminals on this relay?
These use standard 0.25 inch female disconnects.
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