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Yes - Grid lines

These items do have grid lines. Grid lines are designated proximity zones to help determine depth and distance from an object.

Wireless Backup Camera Systems

Wireless back up camera systems are the easiest back up camera system to install. Our wireless back up camera systems operate on 2.4Ghz which provide the clearest picture. Our wireless back up camera systems offer great image quality with the simplest installation.

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  1. Audiovox ACA240 Wireless Vehicle Rear Observation System

    • 3.5 LCD monitor
    • Wireless transmission of video signal
    • License plate mounted camera
    Your Price: $99.99

  2. Safesight VTX-3600 Digital Wireless Back up camera system with 3.5 inch monitor - Interference free guaranteed

    • Digital Wireless Technology - Not subject to common interference and static, much better than Analog wireless systems
    • Complete digital wireless system for no interference, no comparison with analog wireless systems
    • 3.5 inch digital LCD monitor
    • Suction cup for wind shield mounting
    • Image rotation feature so you can reverse the monitor or use a non reverse camera
    • Choose between 5 different cameras

    As low as: $192.98

  3. Boyo VTC433R Wireless license plate back up camera system with ultrasonic sensors

    • 2.5 inch LCD monitor
    • CCD License plate reverse camera with sensors
    • Wireless video and sensor transmission
    • Easy installation
    Your Price: $234.99

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